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SCTC reports and documents


Medlemsenkät oktober 2021 – Resor till Kina under pandemin

Sweden-China Trade Council’s Mission Statement

SCTC By-laws 2020 in Swedish


SCTC årsstämma 27 maj 2021 – dokumentation

Thomas Lagerqvist avtackades i samband med stämman den 27 maj 2021 efter tio år som ordförande. Stämman utnämnde Thomas till hedersordförande i gott sällskap av tidigare ordförande Bo Landin. Ett stort tack riktades även till avgående ledamöterna Peter Ahlgren, Kajsa Fung och Marie Linghoff Lehnert för deras insatser i styrelsearbetet. Foto: Lena Fransson




Årsredovisning 2020

Revisionsberättelse 2020

SCTC stadgar 2020

Valberedningens förslag styrelse 2021-2022

Presentation av valberedningens förslag till nya ledamöter och suppleanter till styrelsen

Förslag oförändrade medlemskategorier och uppdaterade årsavgifter 2022

Film SCTC årsstämma 27 maj 2021 (53:50 min) Lösenord: Stämma210527

Film föredrag med Thomas Lagerqvist, avgående ordförande i SCTC, “Mina 30 år med Kina” (59:15) Lösenord: SCTC210527

Team Sweden China

China Business Climate Survey 2021 (June 15, 2021)

Team Sweden Hong Kong

Hong Kong Business Climate Survey 2021 (October 12, 2021)

Business Sweden

Learning from Swedish companies’ success in the Chinese consumer market; Cracking the complex code – Business Sweden ( (September 3, 2021)

The China Talent Challenge – How challenging is it to attract talents to join your company? – Business Sweden ( (January 14, 2022)

Organisations with updated publications, reports and information on China

EU China Business Association

The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA) is the EU-wide federation of national non-profit business organisations in the European Union with specialization and particular expertise in exchange of knowledge on investments and trade with China. At current, EUCBA unites 19 members in 19 countries repre­senting more than 20,000 companies – large, medium, and small, in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector. Sweden-China Trade Council being one of EUCBA’s member organisations.

EUCBA promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU through international exchange of information and joint projects of its members – providing European companies a stronger base for expanding trade cooperation with China.

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

“As the independent voice of European business in China, we seek greater market access and improved operating conditions for European companies”.

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China was founded in 2000 by 51 member companies that shared a goal of establishing a common voice for the various business sectors of the European Union and European businesses operating in China. It is a members-driven, non-profit, fee-based organisation with a core structure of 24 Working Groups and 7 Fora representing European business in China.

The Chamber is recognised by the European Commission and the Chinese Authorities as the official voice of European business in China. It is recognised as a Foreign Chamber of Commerce with the Ministry of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

EUCCC Position Paper 2020/2021 (September 10, 2020)

Merics – Mercator Institute for China Studies

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) is a Stiftung Mercator initiative. Established in 2013, MERICS is a Berlin-based institute for contemporary and practical research into China that Stiftung Mercator set up as a platform for engagement with China in Germany. MERICS provides timely information and analysis on China to political and economic decision-makers as well as the media and the general public.

MERICS report on Made in China 2025

American Chamber of Commerce in China


Reports on China’s Belt and Road Initiative BRI

Mapping the Belt and Road Initiative: this is where we stand (Merics – Mercator Institute for China Studies/180607)


Swedish business networks in China and Hong Kong

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Trade Fairs in China