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Sweden-China Greentech Alliance

Sweden-China Greentech Alliance, SCGA, is a working group within the Sweden-China Trade Council, SCTC. The objective of SCGA is to lay the foundation for further business development with China within the environmental technology, energy and infrastructure sector. This platform will provide the following for its members:

1. Exchange of experience
2. Coordination of the demand and needs of the companies
3. Synchronizing of promotion activities
4. Be a discussion partner and provide input to the Swedish government and promotion organization in Sweden as well as toward Chinese authorities

China’s twelfth five year plan puts great concern regarding climate change and environmental issues as well as energy problems for China’s future development. The fast urbanization in China is creating a huge impact on the environment. Sweden and Swedish companies are well positioned in international comparison in these areas and provide an attractive partner for Chinese authorities and companies.

A number of Swedish promotion organizations have outlined activity goals to promote exchange with China in these areas. Chinese authorities are also interested in a growing exchange with Swedish companies, organizations and authorities. This was shown in particular, when Premier Wen Jiabao visited Sweden back in April 2012.

The big interest from both Swedish and Chinese side when it comes to environmental technology, energy and infrastructure technology and the funding available to promote this exchange provides an important possibility for Swedish companies to develop their business in and with China.

SCGA will not run its own activities but will seek cooperation with Swedish promotion organizations. We will therefore not compete with Business Sweden – the Swedish Trade & Invest Council or other official organizations. Instead, we will use these organizations to further develop the business potential for the members in China.

The group will gather 4 – 6 times per year and will invite both the promotion organizations as well as other interesting speakers to the meetings. Members of SCTC are welcome to join SCGA.

For more information, please contact:

Elisabet Söderström, Secretary General – Sweden-China Trade Council,