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Sweden-China Trade Council
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Phone: +46 8 22 68 88
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Membership fees 2024:

The membership fee for Sweden-China Trade Council consists of two fees, one member- and one service fee.

• MEMBER FEE, SEK500 regardless of member category.
• SERVICE FEE varies between SEK3 000 and SEK21 500 relating to the below member categories.

The total membership fee is between SEK 3 500 and SEK22 000, please see below.

Member categories
A. COMPANIES with 1 – 10 employees or with a turnover of maximum MSEK10
Yearly fee 2024: SEK3 500

B. COMPANIES with 1 – 25 employees and with a turnover exceeding MSEK10
Yearly fee 2024: SEK6 500

C. COMPANIES with 26 – 200 employees if the turnover falls below SEK 5 Billion
Yearly fee 2024: SEK12 000

D. COMPANIES with more than 200 employees if the turnover falls below SEK 5 Billion
Yearly fee 2024: SEK17 500

E. COMPANIES with a turnover exceeding SEK 5 Billion
Yearly fee 2024: SEK22 000

F. COUNTRY GOVERNMENT BOARD, MUNICIPALITIES etc. within the public sector and non-profit associations
Yearly fee 2024: SEK12 000


Swedish VAT will be added to the service fee. The service fee is deductable.

A down payment of SEK100, non-refundable, will be added to each new member.

The above membership fees are effective as of January 1, 2024 as voted on the Annual General Meeting in May 2023 and are the same since 2022.

SCTC By-laws 2022 in Swedish

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Area of expertise:
Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Editorial Services
Banking and Financial Services
Base Metal
Branding, Design
Business and Professional Services
Construction, Equipments, Control Systems (incl. Security)
Education and Training
Electronics, Instruments
Environmental Technology
Government and Trade
IT, Telecommunications, Internet Media
Machinery, Industrial Equipment
Medical Device and Medical Equipment
Paper, Pulp, Wood
Professional & Business Service
Project Development
Real Estate Consultants, Relocation
Recruitment Service
Small Business Services
Sourcing, Purchasing and Production
Textile, Textile Articles
Trading, Buying Offices
Transport, Shipping
Travel services, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants

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The application will be presented to the board of directors and reviewed for approval.

Please note: Membership will automatically be renewed at the end of each calendar year
unless terminated in writing by latest at the end of September the year before membership is to be ended.
The membership dues for the current year shall not be refunded.