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Sino-Swedish Green-Coop Action Plan


Sino-Swedish Green-Coop (hereinafter referred to as “SSG”), is jointly initiated by Sweden-China Trade Council (hereinafter referred to as “SCTC”) and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Sweden (hereinafter referred to as “China Embassy”). As an open cooperation platform, SSG aims at urging Government, Business, Academics and Research institutions of Swedish and Chinese sides to jointly participate in green industries cooperation, organize all kinds of activities, provide information service through SSG website, encourage comprehensive and multi-level dialogues, communication and cooperation in the fields of environment, energy and infrastructure between Sweden and China.


1. To establish an open SSG. SCTC and China Embassy are committed to urging relevant central government authorities, local governments, chambers and associations, enterprises, research institutions to support and be involved in the establishment the cooperation platform, and further building a bilateral mechanism regarding Sino-Swedish Green Cooperation.
2. To create a separate webpage of SSG under the websites of SCTC and China Embassy in the early stage. The webpage will introduce general information about SSG. SSG will be dedicated to create an independent web site.
3. SCTC and China Embassy constitute a joint working group to meet regularly for reviewing past activities and discussing coming activities of mutual interests. The joint working group will be headed by relevant responsible persons from SCTC and China Embassy respectively.


1. To organize seminars related to green industries cooperation. Government authorities, the business, the academics and research institutions will be invited to participate, share experiences, and carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation.
2. To host meeting on green industries cooperation, in order to enhance cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises of industry chain, or among different green industries chains.
3. To mutually notify enterprises of both countries about exhibitions related to green industries.
4. To assist exchange of visits for relevant Swedish and Chinese delegations and entrepreneurs, and promote communication and cooperation.
5. To assist relevant Swedish and Chinese companies and cities to establish relevant contacts.


Ambassador to Sweden, Mr Chen Yuming’s article in Dagens industri November 4, 2015

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