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About us

Sweden-China Trade Council, SCTC, is the leading, independent network for your China business. SCTC shortens your way to China with reduced risk by activating our members’ unique knowledge and experiences in doing business with and in China.

Today, China is already influencing the world and tomorrow China will eventually be even closer to Sweden in many aspects. Now is the time to find out more about China, to prepare your business for the future and to be able to compete both in China’s domestic market but also in the global market.

We welcome companies of all sizes and sectors, whether new entrants or established operations as members in our network.


Sweden-China Trade Council’s members are active in different platforms, linking members together within the same sector or with mutual interests in different topics related to doing business with and in China. Through our platforms, you will be able to share knowledge and experience with other members and take part in different sector related activities both in Sweden and in China.

· Sweden-China Marine Group, SCMG
· Sweden-China Greentech Alliance, SCGA

Member benefits

Becoming a member means you’ll be joining a unique network of business leaders and industry experts. Whether the biggest multinational or smallest start up, companies join our membership programme to network with the experienced, develop strategies for expansion, and contribute to policy development. Our membership is designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes at different stages of entry to the China market.


Our events are created out of our members’ knowledge and experiences in combination with an aim to broaden the understanding of China from different perspectives. We create events with a difference by picking up the latest trends and listening to the specific needs of our members, sometimes aimed at just a selected group of members and at other times reaching out to the network as a whole.

Delegations from China

On a number of occasions, we have been the host for high-level delegations from China, offering our members a unique opportunity to listen to and in some cases, meet with leaders such as the then Vice Premier, Madam Wu Yi in 2004, President Hu Jintao in 2007 and latest, Xi Jingping, China’s Vice President in 2010.

SCTC also welcomes a number of visits each year from provinces, cities and organizations throughout China, bringing with them business opportunities for our members and information on important trade fairs, conferences and projects in China.

Every day, you will read the most updated news on China through our newsfeed. To take part of our initiated articles on different topics, you’ll find the headlines always here at the start page and as a member you will be able to have full access to both updated news coverage of the most important issues as well as an archive of previously published articles produced by our selected writers with deep China-knowledge.

In our magazine, KinaNytt, you will find analyzes of the most recent development in China as well as interviews with interesting business people giving you invaluable first-hand insight and knowledge.


Sweden-China Trade Council also acts on behalf of our members in different external networks in the China-context and we offer our opinion to both Swedish as well as Chinese officials. Your opinion as a member is essential to us, contact us to discuss subjects that are of importance to you. In many cases, we have been able to involve decision makers to be aware of challenges that our members have brought to our attention.