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European Chamber of Commerce in China’s Position Paper – how to deal with the challenges


With almost 1 000 specific recommendations for the Chinese Government, the European Chamber of Commerce in China’s Position Paper 2022/2023 was recently published. To shed the light on the findings, compiled by its 41 working groups, sub-working groups and fora over a six-month period, we have invited Peter Ling Vannerus, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in China and SEB’s Chief Representative in Beijing.

The constructive recommendations contained in the Position Paper illustrate both the depth of the challenges faced by European companies in China and their commitment to improving the business environment.

When presenting the Position Paper, the European Chamber of Commerce in China, outlines how, over the last year, there has been a significant shift in focus at the headquarters (HQs) of European companies when evaluating China.

Where discussions once centred primarily on investment opportunities, they are now focussed on building supply chain resilience, the challenges of doing business, the risks of reputational damage and ensuring global compliance.

Facing mounting internal and external challenges, Chinese policymaking has shifted. By now prioritising ideology over economic concerns, China’s business environment is becoming less predictable, reliable and efficient.

Opportunities for European companies in China remain, but they must now develop strategies to deal with an ever-growing list of risks, stemming from both emerging legislation—within and outside of China—and geopolitical developments.

Peter Ling-Vannerus, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in China and Chief Representative, SEB Beijing. Peter was Gobal Head, Subsidiary Financing, at SEB Head Quarters in Stockholm before moving to Beijing in 2016 and have previously worked as the head of SEB Branch, France as well as head of the SEB office in Brazil and Board member of the Brazilian Investment Bank, Banco Mercantil Finasa. Peter has a long experience of working with emerging markets within all product areas and started his career in Peru working with the re-scheduling of the Peruvian debt.

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