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Combining efforts in the fight against IPR infringement in China! – Stockholm


IPR protection, infringement and lack of strategy are all issues that need to be addressed when conducting business on foreign markets, both for companies already present but also for those entering the new market. PSU China and Thomsen Trampedach has teamed up to assist companies on the Chinese market. The cooperation covers IPR related investigations, combining Thomsen’s expertise in Brand Monitoring/Market Screening and methodology of takedowns from Chinese E-Commerce with PSU’s expertise in gathering evidence of infringement “on the ground” in China.

During this breakfast meeting, we will learn about some of the key changes  in terms of legislations around IPR in China (online and offline) recently taken effect. Some successful cases within IPR that has received public attention, the newest trends within IPR will also be showcased (both how these crimes have developed in terms of cause of action but also the changes we see within the business community). Included will also be some case studies from both PSU and Thomsen. 

If you are looking for a clear and efficient IPR strategy in China that actually provides a difference, whether your business is already established in China or if you are expanding to the Chinese market – you should definitely come listen to some valuable “does and don’ts” on May 17 in Stockholm.

Presentations by:


Hanna Severin, Head of PSU Shanghai office. Hanna is operationally responsible for Shanghai-based counterfeit investigations and business intelligence projects that supports PSU fraud and corruption investigations. Hanna Severin holds a bachelor in criminology with a major in Sociology of Law from the University of Lund, Sweden as well as a master in Criminology.

Niklas Per Fridman is the Copenhagen-based business development and operations coordinator at Thomsen Trampedach, a company which manages large domain name portfolios, launches new gTLDs, monitors and takes down infringing content across websites, marketplaces, social media, apps and domain names globally and gives advice on new trends and threats. Prior to moving to Denmark, Niklas spent close to four years in Asia, two of them in China. Besides having a heart that beats a bit extra for China, he graduated in 2016 with a master’s double degree in business and development studies from Copenhagen Business School and International Management from CEMS.

Where: Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm.

When: Friday, May 17 at 08:00 – 09:30, registration and breakfast from 07:45.

Cost: SCTC Members; SEK200, Non-Members; SEK300 plus VAT to be invoiced after the event.

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