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Copenhagen Malmö Port

Serving the Øresund Region by being part of its infrastructure and exploiting business possibilities in the Baltic Sea Region are central to CMP’s business profile.

CMP is located in the heart of the Øresund Region with almost four million consumers. The region is experiencing increasing integration between the Danish and Swedish areas. At the same time, the Region is the gateway to the entire Baltic Sea Region with more than 100 million consumers.

CMP provides access to an infrastructure that ensures goods are processed quickly and safely. The company is the major port operator in the Øresund Region, and meets demands for the transport of consumer goods, new cars, aviation fuel, building materials, passengers, etc.

Furthermore, CMP is one of the biggest port and terminal operators in the whole Nordic Region; one of the largest Northern European cruise-ship ports; and occupies a key position in the Baltic Sea Region for the distribution of cars and transit oil.

CMP has a positive effect on the community it services and belongs to – for example, one in four tourists in Copenhagen arrive as a cruise-ship guest. The cruise industry generates up to approximately 2.000 jobs in the city and a number of workplaces in the greater Copenhagen area. CMP is a dynamic workplace and has together with the international automobile industry created 500 new jobs.

CMP has developed long-term partnerships with many of its clients – and that has been the key to CMP’s success. Since 2001, CMP has increased net sales by 70%. Annual profit has multiplied.