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Sweden-China Trade Council
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Phone: +46 8 22 68 88
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Board of Directors

Frédéric Cho

Frédéric Cho, born in 1961, Vice Chairman since 2011 and Honorary Member since 2022, is founder of Frédéric Cho Advisory AB. Frédéric Cho first visited China in 1980. In 1982-84 he studied at Beijing University and was a postgraduate in Chinese studies at Stockholm university until 1986 when he embarked on a business career. He is the only person in the Nordic region having work in all fields of China’s financial sector (banking, insurance and investment banking) but also in life science and media and lived and worked for 18 years in Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong. Frédéric Cho Advisory AB focuses on strategic advisory related to investments and business development in both directions the Nordic region and Greater China, Korea, Singapore and Japan. Frédéric is member of Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg’s trade policy advisory group and also a Member of Team Sweden China of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Frédéric Cho became Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2000.