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Welcome to join us for the launch of SCTC South Chapter. Lunch meeting in Malmö, December 11, 2014

Welcome to join us for the launch of SCTC South Chapter. Lunch meeting in Malmö, December 11, 2014

When? Thursdag December 11, 2014, kl 12.00 – 14.00

Where? Copenhagen Malmö Port, Terminalgatan 18, Malmö

Sweden-China Trade Council, SCTC, is the leading China network in Sweden. Through our members unique China knowledge, membership in SCTC will help shorten the road to actual business with reduced risk. For almost 35 years, we have delivered business analyses on the extraordinary development in China. This we have been able to do by utilising and coordinating the unique knowledge and experience gained by our members in their respective business relations with and in China.

China’s role in the world will only continue to grow. Even if you don’t do business with China, China’s continued emergence on the world stage will leave everybody affected. Consequently, everybody must understand China and its effect on the world. This is where SCTC’s unique knowledge and experience will come in handy.

Join us now for the launch of SCTC’s south chapter on December 11, meet the Board of Directors and learn how you will benefit from joining our unique network of independent China- intelligence.
During the lunch, Mr Johan Röstin, President and CEO, Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP will share the company’s views on the future of the Nordics in relation to China. Since the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, CMP has focused, among other things, on China. CMP is convinced China will, sooner or later, export products to the Nordic countries. CMP will then be a China hub for refining Chinese products and distributing these products to the northern parts of Europe by using the Baltic Sea.

Cost and registration This lunch meeting is free of charge courtesy of Copenhagen Malmö Port. Kindly note that seats are limited.


Bookings are closed for this event.