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President Joerg Wuttke presents EUCCC’s Position Paper 2020/2021

Being one of the members of the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA), see below, Sweden-China Trade Council is happy to invite our members to a highly interesting webinar on October 6 with Joerg Wuttke, President, EU Chamber of Commerce in China, (EUCCC) presenting the EUCCC’s Position Paper 2020/2021.

As the flagship publication of EUCCC, the Position Paper is comprised of the views from more than 30 industry-specific working groups representing European business in China, detailing the numerous structural challenges that remain in the China market and providing constructive recommendations to both the Chinese and European authorities alike. Its executive summary also provides a wider analysis and commentary on business and political relations and their intertwining.

According to the position paper, many of these structural challenges are related to the emergence of China’s ‘one economy, two systems’ model. One half of the economy is increasingly fair, well-regulated, and welcoming to foreign investment; the other, state-driven, half sees China still nursing its national champions and overindulging its state-owned enterprises at the expense of the private sector. This indicates a gulf in the understanding of the concept of ‘openness’ between the EU and China.

Where? Webinar – link will be sent out to registered participants ahead of the event.

When? Tuesday, October 6, 2020, at 10:00 – 11:00 CEST.

Registration: Open to SCTC Members Only. Please contact to register for the event. Please note that tickets are limited!

The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA) is the EU-wide federation of national non-profit business organisations in the European Union with specialization and particular expertise in exchange of knowledge on investments and trade with China. At current, EUCBA unites 19 members, among them Sweden-China Trade Council, in 19 countries repre­senting more than 20,000 companies – large, medium, and small, in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector.