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Opportunities and Challenges for Swedish and European SMEs in China


Swedish and European SMEs looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market face multiple challenges such as toughening competition from local companies, market entry barriers, and insufficient information. However, many of the pull-factors that historically have been attracting foreign SMEs to China still remain, and there are many opportunities for those companies that manage to successfully navigate the market.

On the 1st of November 2023, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China published a Whitepaper on the topic of Swedish and European SMEs in China. This Whitepaper was produced with the support of the EU SME Centre, and includes interviews with multiple experts and renowned Swedish SMEs in order to give an overview of the current market climate in China and future prospects for Swedish and European SMEs. The Whitepaper touches on multiple topics, such as market opportunities and challenges, legal risks, access to financing, IP issues, future outlook, and so on. The goal of this Whitepaper was to gather information and recommendations that can be useful for those SMEs that are looking to enter the Chinese market or upgade their operations.

Sweden-China Trade Council is happy to offer members the possibility to take part in a publication webinar on the 14th of December where the key points and takeaways of this Whitepaper will be presented by the authors and some of the participating experts who were interviewed for this Whitepaper will also present their views on the Chinese market, and how their companies or organizations work to support Swedish and European SMEs in the Chinese market.

After the presentation there will be a round of Q&A and discussion, where we hope that many participants will engage with the expert panel to learn more about the prospects and outlook for Swedish and European SMEs in the Chinese market.

If you wish to read the full Whitepaper, please follow this link: SME Whitepaper​

Where: Webinar, registered participants will receive a meeting link one day prior to the event.

When: Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 09:00 – 10:30 CET

Cost: Free of Charge

Registration: Please register here! Kindly note that registration is handled by SwedCham China.