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How to understand and navigate China’s changing business environment for foreign investors

Being one of the members of the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA), see below, Sweden-China Trade Council is happy to invite members to a highly interesting webinar on February 22, 2022, to gain a better understanding of the current environment and implications for foreign businesses.

The current operating environment in China is being shaped forcefully on the one hand by changes from the pandemic as well as intensifying domestic economic imbalances, and on the other government initiatives to rectify what China’s leadership has identified as serious ideological deficiencies in the commercial and social spheres associated with “disorderly capital expansion” and societal disarray.

The risks currently being targeted by China’s leaders have recently focused on the massive wealth accumulation by Chinese entrepreneurs, the capture of market data by private firms, and the oligopolistic business practices in the marketized parts of China’s economy. To address these risks, the increase of Party/state control appears to be happening everywhere.

Debate is rife about whether these current developments are primarily political and control oriented, or visionary and “managed reform” oriented and aimed at resolving longstanding social and economic problems to create a better and more egalitarian future for China. This question is of huge consequence for foreign investors in China.

This webcast is in collaboration with The Flanders China Chamber of Commerce, The EU-China Business Association and The Conference Board.

Where? Webinar.
When? Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at 09:00 CET.
Cost: SCTC Members free of charge. This is a Members-Only event.
Registration: Please contact for registration link. Not a Member yet – apply here!

The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA) is the EU-wide federation of national non-profit business organisations in the European Union with specialization and particular expertise in exchange of knowledge on investments and trade with China. At current, EUCBA unites 19 members, among them Sweden-China Trade Council, in 19 countries repre­senting more than 20,000 companies – large, medium, and small, in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector.

EUCBA promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU through international exchange of information and joint projects of its members – providing European companies a stronger base for expanding trade cooperation with China.

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