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Richard Hårdänge

Richard Hårdänge, born in 1985, is Partner and Chief Commercial Officer at NBH, a digital marketing agency that supports companies with marketing, strategy, and digital setup in China.

He first became interested in China while working with Chinese antiques at Uppsala Auction House. He has worked as a manager in five-star hospitality and within the travel industry with a focus on China and business groups. Also, as an independent management consultant supporting with B2B sales strategy, digital tools and China knowledge.

Having lived and worked in China for many years, Richard is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Richard holds a degree in Arts & Cultural Sciences from Stockholm University.

With his diverse background and deep understanding of Chinese consumer behavior, he helps companies navigate cultural differences while focusing on sales, marketing, and strategy to bridge the gap between the Nordics and China

Richard Hårdänge became Substitute Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2023 and was re-elected in 2024.