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Magnus Wikander

Magnus Wikander, born 1977, is Head of Strategic Development Maritime Hydrodynamics at the Maritime department (former SSPA) of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden AB. Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, RISE ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society. The Maritime department provides adapted solutions for a resilient and sustainable maritime future.

Magnus holds a Master’s degree in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering with +20 years of experience from shipbuilding and shipping sector. Prior to joining SSPA in 2013, Magnus worked as Marketing and Sales Manager at FKAB (Fartygskonstruktioner AB), a Ship Design company with offices in Shanghai, Gothenburg and Uddevalla. Magnus gained much of his interest for shipbuilding when working as a project manager at the ship repair yard Ö-Varvet AB, in the archipelago on the Swedish west coast. 

RISE Maritime department (former SSPA) has a long history working with the Chinese shipbuilding industry; shipyards, ship designers and ship owners. The strength lies in performance enhancement and strengthening of design. For Magnus this means frequent contact and travels all around China.

Magnus Wikander became Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2017. Magnus is also the Chairman of SCTC:s Sweden-China Marine Group.