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Stina Wallström

Stina Wallström, born in 1976, is Director Regulatory Affairs IKEA Range and Supply. Stina lead regulatory affairs projects aiming to make sure that IKEAs vision of safe, sustainable and affordable products are supported by up to date legislation. China is IKEAs most important purchasing market and an increasingly important retail market. In close cooperation with local staff, Stina aims to build trustful relations with legislators and regulators in China.

After graduating with a PhD in Polymer Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stina began her career as a project leader for global standardisation projects. Most notably the development of ISO standards for the recycling of used packaging. A project managed as a joint venture with China, enabling her to work in China on a regular basis.

Stina has also worked for Teknikföretagen as Director International Trade, learning more about the complex and yet rewarding trade relations between Sweden and China.

Stina Wallström became Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2019.