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Board of Directors

Pernilla Halldin

Pernilla Halldin, born in 1971, is Head of Public Affairs, H&M Group. Pernilla has spent more than 15 years with H&M Group at various positions within the departments of Communication, Production and Retail in Hong Kong, Legal and Sustainability. She is currently reporting to the CFO as Head of Public Affairs. A big part of her focus has been on Asia, for example part of the team opening the first stores in China and Hong Kong in 2007, Japan 2008, South Korea 2010, Singapore 2011. She was based in Hong Kong 2011 – 2015 working with public affairs in Asia.

Pernilla is a graduate from the East and Southeast Asia Department at Lund University and has spent many years in China, both as a student at different universities during the 1990’s and studying and working in Beijing in 1997 – 2000.

Pernilla Halldin became a Board member of SCTC in 2022.