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David Almström

David Almström, born in 1968, is the Executive Director for Tiandi Scandinavia, a Sino-Scandinavian engagement firm focused on ICT and startups, which he founded 2009. David has balanced his interest with technology and startups with a deep engagement in China and Asian companies. In his current role at scoutbee, the global leader in supplier scouting, David is responsible for go-to-market activities and business development with a strong focus on China and Asia.

Previously, Mr Almström has been consulted as VP Product at Voi; Senior Product Manager for Spotify, responsible for the Samsung partnership; headed up Telenor’s global digital Product Management function; as well as leading Product and UX for Mozilla’s content discovery journey.

Mr Almström has been active in the mobile industry in Asia since the mid 90s when he moved to China to build up Ericsson’s datacom organization. He was instrumental in the early development of the mobile internet in China and in his role as VP Business Strategy, interacting and engaging operators and content providers in understanding the value of mobile access to the Internet.

Mr. Almström was responsible for developing Nokia’s Qt Software business in Asia as well as building the MeeGo Ecosystem, but with particular focus on consumer electronics and mobile phone manufacturers in Greater China, South Korea and Japan from 2008 to 2012 In 2003, Mr Almström started up the Trolltech business with the initial focus on China and grew operations to 35 people in 4 countries with design-wins such as Sony, Samsung and Motorola.

Mr. Almström was based out of China, where he was relocated to in 1997 to start up Ericsson China’s Datacom business. He successfully developed the Datacom business into a hundred million dollar business until 2000 when he was promoted to Vice President of Business Strategy, Ericsson China.

Mr. Almström is born in Sweden and holds an M.Sc. in telecommunications from University of Linkoping in Sweden. From time to time, he also tries his journalistic talents by writing for various media, incl his own blog ( or, preferable with a double espresso at a café somewhere. He is often featured as speaker in various conferences throughout Asia. Mr Almström lives in Stockholm with his wife and kids.

David Almström became Substitute Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2020 and was re-elected in 2024.