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Sweden-China Trade Council
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Board of Directors

Malin Oud

Malin Oud, born in 1973, has engaged with China since 1992. She is currently head of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Stockholm office and Team Leader for Economic Globalisation and Human Rights. Malin has more than 15 years’ experience of policy dialogue, development cooperation and engagement with the business sector on human rights. In 2011-2016, Malin was the founder and managing director of Tracktwo, a consultancy specialised in sustainable development, corporate responsibility and human rights; and from 2001 to 2009 she was head of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s China Office. She studied Chinese language, Chinese law and international human rights law in Lund, Kunming and London, and has an MA in International Development from Melbourne University. She is Research Fellow at the Institute for Human Rights and Business, Member of The Swedish Society for International Affairs (the parent body of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs), and Advisor at The Global Business Initiative on Human Rights.

Malin Oud became Member of the Board of Directors of SCTC in 2015, and also serves as Chairperson of Sweden-China Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Business.